Contemporary home gym via Houzz

5 Ways to Convert your Garage (that you probably never thought of)

Garages aren’t just for cars. In fact, many families choose to utilize their garage as an extension of the home, turning it into a useable and livable space. Check out these five examples of ways that garages have been renovated into unbelievable new spaces.

1. A Lounge Area

This garage was turned into a lounge area with comfortable seating and a fireplace. And there was even room left over for storage!

2. A Family play area

Swings, monkey bars and skylights are a child’s dream in this family-friendly garage.

3. A Mid-Century Home Office

Bring your A-list clients home with this executive style garage-turned home office.

4. A Home Gym

Forget the gym membership. This renovated garage leaves no room for excuses for not getting in shape.

5. A Retro Diner

Step back in time with this custom designed garage that was renovated to resemble a 50’s style diner. They even customized the golf cart into a vintage car!

If you were given a blank check, what would you do with your garage? Would you organize it with sleek storage cabinets, custom epoxy floor colors and room for your cars, or go for something wild and leave the cars in the driveway?