ways to store wet equipment in garage

5 Ways to Store Wet Equipment in Your Garage

The garage is often the catchall storage location for most outdoor equipment. However, if some of the items are wet, such as kiddie pools or life jackets, they could damage your concrete floor or cabinets. Even with adequate storage systems, you need to avoid mold buildup in your cabinets or racks due to wet gear.

Read on for some tips on how to store these items:

Get a Rack

Life jackets or vests can accumulate in your garage, and if they are wet, the moisture could cause damage to your concrete floor. Most people tend to stuff them into storage cabinets or boxes even while wet, leading to mold growth. A rack is an ideal option for damp life jackets. You can also install a rod along your garage ceiling, then utilize heavy-duty hangers to hold the jackets. This way, they will dry properly.

Old Crates

Wet shoes are common in the garage, especially if you have kids. If not properly stored, they can quickly become mildewed, damp, and ruined. You can utilize old milk crates by placing them in one corner then toss all the wet shoes into one convenient and breathable receptacle. A milk crate has lots of holes that allow air to flow through them, and it also prevents direct contact with the floor. If you have less floor space, you can set them on brackets mounted on the wall.

Open Cabinets

While using garage cabinets, ensure that they have an open front to allow air circulation around your wet gear, which helps to eliminate moisture. Also, keep the rack near the doorway to ensure every family member puts their wet shoes in the right place.

Cookie Tray Boot Storage

After a day out in wet boots, most people keep them in the garage. Instead of placing them on the floor, cookie trays are a great alternative. Rummage through the kitchen aisle or your local hardware store for baking cupboards. Fill the large cookie trays with some small stones to bring out a unique boot drainage tray. Even with dripping water from your boots, the tray will collect it and prevent water from reaching the floor. You can then wash off the pebbles and clean the tray.

Use Easy to Transport Storage Containers or Bags

Storage containers with tight lids and handles are a good option for your wet camping gear. Choose those with plastic material since you can place them on the floor or in storage racks without causing any damage. The handles make them easy to put on racks and move from one place to another. Alternatively, you can opt for nylon or canvas bags that are heavy and impenetrable. They also have handles, so you can hang or carry them easily.

Key Takeaway

Your garage concrete floors and cabinets could be damaged by wet gear stored in your garage. Hopefully, the above tips will help keep your wet or damp equipment safely and protect your storage solutions. For more professional storage systems that fit your style and space, contact us to get a free estimate.