how to store power equipment in garage

5 Ways to Store Your Summer Power Equipment

Summer is that time of year when we pull out our summer power equipment to mow the lawn, work on our landscaping, or start a home renovation project. You’re probably storing all of your needed tools in your garage. Here are some best practices to keep your concrete floors and cabinets protected from your summer power equipment.

1. Store smaller power tools in the box they came in or keep them in a toolbox or cabinet.

The best way to store your smaller tools is to keep them in the box they came in. This will protect your tools from dust and prevent them from rusting.

If you don’t want a pile of boxes lying around, you can also store tools inside of a toolbox. If you add a few silica gel packs inside, you can protect your tools from any moisture that accumulates in the toolbox. (It’s easy to find silica gel packs at any big retail store at a good price.)

If you already have cabinets built in your garage, you can store smaller tools here too. Keep your drawers and cabinets lined with anti-rust liners to protect your tools and cabinets from any rust.

2. Hang larger tools like weed wackers on hooks and peg boards.

Hanging tools on the walls helps you not only protect your garage flooring, but also conserve floor space. The best way to store power tools like your weed wacker is to hang them up. You’ll keep them safely out of the way and they won’t collect any dust or dirt from the floor.

3. Store gas in containers safely on the floor.

You need to be very careful to keep gas in a specific gas canister and at least 50 feet away from any ignition sources in your garage, like water heaters and furnaces. Instead of placing gas canisters directly on the concrete, put it on a piece of plywood to prevent damage from spilling. Make sure to keep gas canisters out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

4. Keep lawn mowers inside and easy to access.

If you mow your lawn yourself, this will most likely be your most frequently used tool. Make sure it’s easy to reach and to move in and out of the garage. While it may be tempting to store your lawn mower vertically, check the owner’s manual first. Many mowers can’t be stored vertically due to the risk of fuel and oil dripping into the engine. We recommend storing it on a low ramped shelf or a protective pad to keep it off of the concrete.

5. Use large metal trash cans or plastic boxes for fertilizer.

It’s important to keep fertilizer away from any ignition sources, any water sources, and it’s also nice if you can contain the smell. We recommend storing fertilizer in sealable metal or plastic containers. This will protect the fertilizer from the elements and it will also protect your garage floors from fertilizer spilling from torn-open bags.


As custom garage specialists, we know how important it is to keep your garage in tip-top condition. Contact us if we can help you with any custom storage solutions for your summer power tools.