The Best Fall Garage Maintenance Practices

Fall is here, which means it’s time to start preventative maintenance around the house before winter settles in. No one wants to get caught out doing repairs during the height of winter. By taking care of your fall garage maintenance now, you’ll be all set once the temperatures dip, and potentially avoid major costs down the line.

Get Out the Grease

Even if you don’t live in a severely cold climate, it’s a good idea to lubricate any hinges, springs, and other electric door parts during autumn. Once the mercury drops, metal contracts which means the parts have to work harder to do their job. This can lead to damage over time. Greasing up metal parts also prevents squeaking and grinding – after all, no one likes a noisy garage door!

It’s Time for a Deep Clean

Days may be getting shorter, but while the weather’s still pleasant, you’ll want to make the most of it and give your garage a thorough clean. Sweep the floors, break out the soap, and give your garage floor a good wash. And don’t forget to clean your gutters! Doing so can save you a load of hassle down the line.

It’s also a good time to purge your garage of things you don’t need. Get rid of potential safety hazards. Donate old clothes (wash them first!), toys, kitchen appliances – anything you haven’t used and no longer need. Items that can’t be donated, recycled or sent off to the garbage heap. 

Make Repairs

Now that you’ve cleaned up, you can check for any repairs you might need around your garage. Seal up holes, fill in cracks, and kill off any lurking mold or mildew. Be sure to check the seals on your garage door and caulk any windows to protect your garage from cold, wet weather. Autumn is also a good time to check your garage insulation. Fixing up any poor insulation is a must, particularly if you live in an area that experiences cold winters. This will help keep the contents of your garage safe while reducing drafts, lowering your heating bill, and keeping critters out. 

Get Organized

Once you’ve sorted out what to get rid of, you can start organizing. Since you’re getting your home winter-ready, stash your spring and summer tools until next year, and make your fall and winter gear easily accessible. Dedicate specific areas for supplies, tools, and other stored items, so you readily know where everything is. You’ll be grateful you did down the line. Not only will you not have to rummage through the contents of your garage trying to find things, but you’ll also create more space, which is a real boon when you’ll be parking your car in your garage over winter.

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