March Forth on March Fourth

Rain.  It’s a love/hate relationship.  It feeds my lawn and soon-to-be flower-beds, washes away dirt on the driveway, fills the creek in my backyard, and soothes me to sleep with it’s pitter-patter on the roof.  It also creates a river of mud that my children (and dog) are drawn to like magnets, ruins my hair and makes unloading groceries a catastrophic experience.


A clean, well-designed garage invites you home on a rainy day.

What if, when you entered the driveway and opened the garage door, instead of seeing a maze of boxes, bicycles and overflowing plastic bins, you saw a clean, open space with lightly textured epoxy flooring (no slips!) and stylish cabinets with hooks for the raincoats and umbrellas? What if there was ventilated shelving for the rain boots and muddy tennis shoes?  What if, in this mystical world, there was a clear path to the door,  and a dedicated space for the deep-freezer?

March Forth

We encourage you, on this March Fourth, 2013 to March Forth with your dreams of garage freedom.  Stand in the face of muddy paws and dripping grocery bags and demand more from your garage.

Or, at the very least, go here to check out some cool ways to celebrate the day.

Did You Know? March Forth is a little known holiday that was created by Deborah Shouse, a famous writer, speaker and creativity coach. It is celebrated on March 4th and invites us to march forth into our lives, take on new experiences, and celebrate our accomplishments.

Southern Spring Home & Garden Show

Southern Spring Home & Garden Show

February 28 – March 1 at The Park Expo in Charlotte, NC

Join us this weekend at the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show!

With the beginning of a brand new year comes the eager anticipation of NEW things; a new look to the home inside and out, especially in the garage!  When remodeling, redecorating or redesigning rooms or gardens the desire is for a fresh start.  A NEW look, a NEW feel and a NEW sense of waking up each day in space that is newly refurbished.  

What is it?

The 53rd annual SOUTHERN SPRING HOME & GARDEN SHOW (Thursday, February 28 through Sunday, March 3 at The Park Expo and Conference Center) brings the word “NEW” to life!  Over 400 vendors share their latest products and services to whet the appetites of gardeners and decorators everywhere.  Featured experts appear on stage to share new recipes, new design and new gardening tips; all day, every day, at the show.  

When Is it?

Thursday, February 28: 10am to 6pm 

Friday, March 2: 10am – 9pm 

Saturday, March 3: 10am – 8pm

Sunday, March 4: 10am – 6pm

Where Is it?

The Park Expo and Conference Center 

2500 E. Independence Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28205

The Park Expo & Conference Center is adjacent to Bojangles’ Arena, approximately 3 mi. from center city.  (Note: Independence Blvd. is also Hwy. 74)

Who Will Be There?

3 How-To Stages:  learn, ask questions, jot down the best ideas and go home with a notebook or IPad full of new ideas!  Melinda Myers (HGTV host, magazine columnist and noted author of 20 books); Barbara Damrosch (weekly columnist/Washington Post and author/the classic: The Green Primer); Dr. Deb Tolman (teacher/innovator/”green” low-watering/no fertilizer/small garden plot gardening); Carmen Johnston (gardening lifestyle guru/author/expert container gardener); Kevin Ylvisaker (PBS/”At Home With Flowers”); – and for reality show fansChris and Peyton Lambton (newlyweds from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows.)


A fan this proud needs a garage to match…

Pround Ravens fan

Photo credit Patuxent Homestead

We can make that happen…

ImageWith Carolina Custom Garages’ ability to custom-choose your cabinet and flooring colors, you can show off your team every time you open the garage door.  Visit our website for more ideas and inspiration.

Don’t you wish you knew where those Christmas Lights were?

They are in a box….  Somewhere…. In the garage.    Sound familiar?

Before picture of a client garage in Charlotte, NC.  I’m willing to bet there’s a box of Christmas lights in there somewhere!

It could be easier, you know. You could have a wall of sturdy garage cabinets with pull-out drawers full of Christmas Lights.  You could have a 90″ tall double-door cabinet dedicated to every holiday.  Overhead shelves to store the larger-than-life motorized blow-up pumpkin that you couldn’t resist at last year’s post-holiday 75%-off sale.  A basket for the plastic Easter Eggs you hang from the trees each Spring.
Take a look at some of the garages that we’ve designed and installed with a place for everything.