Garage Cabinet FAQ’s

What type of cabinet system do you use?

As authorized ORG Dealers, our garage storage systems can transform an untidy garage into an organized and efficient space.  ORG Home allows us to offer custom garage cabinets in standard and wood grain finishes.  

What cabinet colors are available?

Our custom garage cabinets are available in a variety of colors and textured finishes.  Visit our Garage Cabinet Color Gallery to view available finishes.

garage cabinet colors
Custom Garage Cabinet Color Options

Why do you install cabinets off-the-floor?

Durable wall-mounted cabinets are designed to stand up to tough garage conditions.  By keeping items off the floor, it allows for easy cleaning underneath and protection from pests.

What types of handles are available?

We have several garage cabinet handles & knobs to choose from in stainless steel, black, chrome, aluminum and more.  Browse through our garage cabinet gallery for inspiration.

How should I clean my cabinets?

Our garage cabinets are super-durable and easy to clean.

Use a Damp Towel

Most messes will clean up easily with a damp towel.  If a damp moist towel does not adequately clean an area, a non-detergent, nonabrasive  household cleaner is recommended.

Be Careful

Do not use cleaning products containing acetone, acetate or ethyl alcohol. Harsh solvents and/or abrasives such as turpentine may break down the material bonds and should be avoided. Ammonia cleaners should be diluted. Certain waxes may lead to discoloration
and are not recommended.

Important Note: Apply solvents to a clean cloth and never directly to the product. Never leave a cloth moistened with solvents on a surface for any length of time.