how much does epoxy flooring cost

How Much Does it Cost to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

If you’ve started researching different companies and different options for garage floor coatings in the Charlotte or Raleigh areas, you’re undoubtedly wondering what this type of undertaking is going to cost. One of the challenges with answering this question is there are so many variables when evaluating a garage project which is why it’s recommended to have a professional do a comprehensive estimate to accurately quote you. Oil spots, existing floor coatings and deep, extensive cracks are some of the things that can change the pricing of any system as it will involve more prep time.

Typical Epoxy Cost in North Carolina

That being said, across the industry, a typical 2-car garage floor coating may cost somewhere in the range of $1800-$2300, completely installed. So what is a “typical” 2-car garage?  Concrete is in pretty good shape and doesn’t require a ton of prep work like filling extremely large cracks.

What doesn’t change the cost?

  • Color you pick
  • Adding aggregate to top coat to make it less slippery
  • Typical surface prep and patchwork
  • Lifetime warranty

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