homeowners want garage storage

Why More Homeowners Want Better Garage Storage

67 percentAccording to a recent Houzz survey, homeowners are staying in their current homes longer. Now that they’ve decided to stick it out for the long haul, they are often ready to invest time & money into renovating the home to fit their needs.

Why Now?

With mortgage loan regulations soaring, and mortgage rates on the rise, it’s becoming more difficult (and less enticing) to qualify for a new home loan.  Rather than move to a new house that fits their needs, folks are deciding to stay put and invest in remodeling to make their existing house fit their needs.

What Are People Storing?

Storage is a luxury that we never seem to get enough of.  Newly married, my husband and I had a 1400 sf home that to us was a sprawling mansion.  15 years and three boys later, we’ve moved three times, gradually increasing our square footage with each move.  1400 sf become 2400, then 2800, now 3500.  And with each increase in space, we’ve consequently managed to fill it up.  Most of this is lifestyle change.  Three active boys means lots of clothes, lots of sports gear, lots of food!  However there are several scenarios where storage needs can change:

  • Downsizing – In the Raleigh and Charlotte areas, where we install the majority of our garage cabinets and flooring solutions, a large percent of our customers are recently retired and have downsized to smaller homes in active adult communities.
  • Family additions – Anyone that has children will understand me on this one.  A new infant brings joy and laughter to the home … but it also brings strollers, high-chairs, playpens, riding toys … and it just keeps on going from there. And if you plan on having more children in the future, it makes sense to hang onto that stuff, right?
  • Multi-Generational Living – This is a new fancy term I’ve seen floating about for “Mom & Dad are moving in.”  Some new home builders are even marketing these types of homes in the Raleigh area.

What Does This Mean for the Garage?

Regardless of how it got there, you need a place to store it.  That’s where we come in.  Take a look at some examples of the most popular garage storage solutions:

  • Tall Garage Cabinets

    Tall cabinets with an extra-wide 4-foot opening and 24″ depth means you can store just about anything.

    tall storage cabinet
  • Overhead Storage

    A popular solution for seasonal storage or a small garage, overhead racks put your items out of sight until you need them.

  • Wall Storage System

    Gridwall, StoreWALL and ORGwall are garage wall storage systems are an economical and space-saving choice that can be placed along a wall or inside cabinets.

  • Workbench & Hobby Area

    Tools and hobby supplies all have a home with a custom designed work area.

  • Slide-Out-Baskets & Drawers

    Slide your mess behind closed doors with baskets or drawers.

    driftwood tall cabinet

Find out more about all of our Charlotte and Raleigh garage organization solutions.  Learn about how you can customize your own garage storage system by requesting a Free Garage Storage Estimate.