refer a friend campaign

Refer-A-Friend Program

5 Reasons you should tell your Friends & Neighbors about your Awesome Garage

  1. It’s not nice to stare.
  2. You’re tired of hosting all the neighborhood parties because you have “the cool garage.”
  3. You’re a trendsetter.
  4. Sharing is the right thing to do.
  5. The nice folks at Carolina Custom Garages will say Thank You with a $50 gift card.

refer a friend campaign

We’ve made it easy to ease your neighbors garage envy.  Fill out the information below and let us know who you have in mind.  We’ll do the rest!

The fine print:   $50 will be sent to the referrer in the form of a gift card within 30 days of full payment from the client you referred. There are no payout limits, the more you refer the more you can earn. We will always respect the privacy of those that you refer will never share or sell their contact information. Applies to projects completed after June 2013.