Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Cleaning Your Garage

It usually happens gradually. A few things go in because they have nowhere else to go, something gets stowed away for a future project, or a half-finished task gets left as is. The garage is a mess, and now with a little more time at home, you know getting a jumpstart on spring cleaning your garage is for the best. After all, this is one spring cleaning project that tends to take the longest. But, where do you start? Declutter first? Jump in headfirst and pull out everything? 

Here are five tips for cleaning your garage. 

1. Clear the Garage First

It sounds like a lot of work, and yes, it really is, but it doesn’t have to be a long process. Pull everything out of the garage that is not properly stored or will be in the way while you work. Pull the car out, remove the boxes and containers on the floor, and pull out everything else that is taking up floor space or propped up in the corners. 

2. Start the Weeding Process

Ideally, you will have a large bin for trash and another for donations parked right by the door. As you pull things out, go ahead and weed out the items you can eliminate via donation or tossing it. This process is going to take a bit because it requires you to assess every item, container, and tool. It helps if you have a general guide in mind of what you will keep. For example, you may have in mind to: 

  • Hang onto anything that you’ve used at least one time in the prior year 
  • Get rid of anything that you picked up or kept to fix that hasn’t been touched in over a year
  • Keep only tools you actually use and get rid of what you don’t 
  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in a specified categorical “zone” you can logically create in the garage

3. Clean the Garage Floor, Walls, and Other Areas 

While you have everything out of the way and off the floor, it is a good time to clean it. Sweep out the dust and cobwebs and use a good cleaner to give the floor a good wash. There are some good tips for removing some of the stains like oil or paint from Family Handyman. If you’re considering an epoxy garage floor installation, now is the perfect time to reach out to a custom garage company. It is also a good time to: 

  • Clean the walls with a good sponge or sponge mop for spots you can’t reach 
  • Sweep dust and cobwebs off the ceiling 
  • Use a degreaser to wash down all work surfaces and hand-contact surfaces
  • Wash the inside of the doors and windows

4. Assess Your Storage and Implement New Fixtures 

If you’re like most homeowners, your garage has a few storage spots. You may have some shelving, a workbench that houses tools, and maybe even some overhead storage. Assess what you have, decide how it could be better organized, and determine if you actually need more. In the process, reorganize what you have hanging around in these spaces so everything has its place. Installing something like a few added shelves or just a few cabinets can completely change how well-organized the space is. 

5. Move Things Back Inside with a Conscious Plan 

You’ve eradicated the unnecessary, cleaned the floor, and reorganized or revamped your storage areas. It’s now time to start the process of bringing everything back inside the garage, but this too should be done with ample forethought. Make sure you: 

  • Group items together where they should go (hand tools in a toolbox, cleaning supplies in a container, etc.)
  • Avoid putting things back in the garage that can be stored elsewhere in the house 
  • Keep as much off the floor as possible

Let Us Help You with Garage Organizing Solutions

If your garage gets cluttered way too quickly, it may be a sign that there simply is not a good layout in the space to support proper organization. Reach out to us at Carolina Custom Garages for a free estimate and to find out how we can help with customized cabinetry, storage solutions and more.