Top Garage Trends in 2024

If you’re thinking about improving your garage in 2024, you may wonder about the latest trends. People often use garages for many tasks. Carolina Custom Garages offers custom organization, quality aesthetics, and epoxy flooring for garages.

Custom Garage Organization

Custom garage organization makes storing and finding the tools and supplies you need easy. You can also use your garage as an office space, a place for projects, a fitness space, and more.
Sturdy hooks make excellent storage for gardening and power tools. A large mesh basket can hold sports equipment like basketballs or baseball gloves, and wood shelves that hold hundreds of pounds are optional as well. The lightweight, metal overhead shelves have a coating to prevent rust. These accessories work with wood, drywall, metal, or concrete garage walls. They’re durable and waterproof.

Excellent Aesthetics

Custom garage cabinets can help you keep your garage looking organized. They’re available in custom sizes, and they come in several attractive finishes:

  • Arctic White
  • Sterling
  • Bronze
  • Pewter
  • Warm Sand
  • Timber Grey
  • Fort
  • Ore

They resist wear and look great in tough garage environments. They also keep your valuable items away from the floor, conceal clutter, and make cleaning underneath them easy. The tops are excellent work spaces for hobbies. Carolina Custom Garages is a storeWALL dealer as well. This slatwall organization system makes adding hooks, shelves, cabinets, and other accessories and moving them when needed easy. You can give your garage an upscale look to match the rest of your home.

Versatile Epoxy Flooring

A unique, high-quality garage floor coating makes your home more attractive and helps protect it from wear. The epoxy finish is durable and seamless. It’s available in hundreds of color flake combinations, and it resists stains, extreme temperatures, and fading from UV light. Custom colors are optional, and cleaning it with a mop or garden hose is simple.

To install the flooring, a primer or base coat goes on top of a concrete substrate. Then, a top coat covers the decorative flakes. The epoxy coating bonds permanently to the concrete, and its low-maintenance texture reduces slips and falls. It dries within 24 hours, letting you get your garage back in use quickly. This flooring from Carolina Custom Garages comes with a lifetime warranty that lasts as long as you own your home, and it covers the costs of materials and labor. You’ll also get a free consultation where you can look at floor colors in person.

With a few upgrades from Carolina Custom Garages, even a cluttered, worn, or disorganized garage can look like new. We can help you move large appliances out of your garage and install new flooring or a custom organization system. The entire garage upgrade process usually takes just two to three days. We use ORGdesign, our unique design software, to create solutions that meet your needs. Then, we provide a free in-home estimate.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

An epoxy garage floor is an investment project that can increase your garage’s visual appeal and durability and help keep the space cleaner, among other benefits. It’s a home project that can be completed relatively quickly, with long-lasting advantages. If you’re considering having an epoxy garage floor coating applied to your garage, read on to learn more about the benefits of epoxy garage flooring.

Long-lasting investment

While every home improvement project comes with a cost, investing in epoxy garage flooring is a long-term, cost-effective home upgrade. Because of its durability, epoxy floors are a long-lasting solution that will last many years and are low maintenance. Its longevity and little required maintenance make epoxy flooring an excellent home investment.

Appealing aesthetic

Epoxy garage flooring is an attractive garage flooring option. Epoxy flooring is smooth and shiny and comes in custom color options. Under the epoxy’s shiny top coat are decorative flakes for added visual interest. These color flakes are available in infinite color combinations, so you can design a garage floor that coordinates with your home’s existing exterior color palette. With epoxy garage flooring, you can welcome guests through your garage without worrying about them walking on a chipped, oil-stained concrete floor and feel confident about your garage’s appearance.

Easy to clean

Epoxy garage floors are known for being easy to clean. Simply mopping or hosing down the floor will remove all the outside debris. Epoxy is poured, so there are no seams, grout lines, or other breaks in the surface. This means that dirt and debris can’t accumulate and become difficult to clean. Non-porous epoxy coatings will resist dirt, road salt, food, gas, and oil and won’t saturate or stain the coating.

Keeps home interiors clean

A garage with epoxy flooring does a better job keeping the dirt, dust, and debris outside the home. Unlike concrete garage floors, epoxy floors are sealed, so any concrete dust resulting from normal wear and tear won’t be brought into the house.

Resists water damage

Many flooring surfaces can’t withstand water damage resulting from flooding, extensive rainfall, or spills. Epoxy flooring can hold up against water by resisting warping and water stains.

Improved garage safety

Epoxy garage floors can have an anti-slip coating, so there’s less risk of slipping or developing cracks or bumps that can cause tripping. A high-quality epoxy garage floor coating will provide excellent slip resistance even when the surface is wet.

Durable surface

Epoxy flooring will resist chips, stains, chips, and damage from extreme temperatures. A high-quality epoxy will withstand oil spills or any potential equipment damage. Applying a polyaspartic topcoat will offer high resistance to impact, abrasion, and extreme temperature.

Contact a professional garage remodeling company to invest in your new epoxy garage flooring by contacting the experts at Carolina Custom Garages. We provide garage remodeling services in the greater Charlotte and Ralegh areas of North Carolina. We offer a lifetime warranty on your epoxy garage flooring and pride ourselves on our quality and customer service. Contact us today for a free estimate.