5 Ways to Store Your Summer Power Equipment

Summer is that time of year when we pull out our summer power equipment to mow the lawn, work on our landscaping, or start a home renovation project. You’re probably storing all of your needed tools in your garage. Here are some best practices to keep your concrete floors and cabinets protected from your summer power equipment.

1. Store smaller power tools in the box they came in or keep them in a toolbox or cabinet.

The best way to store your smaller tools is to keep them in the box they came in. This will protect your tools from dust and prevent them from rusting.

If you don’t want a pile of boxes lying around, you can also store tools inside of a toolbox. If you add a few silica gel packs inside, you can protect your tools from any moisture that accumulates in the toolbox. (It’s easy to find silica gel packs at any big retail store at a good price.)

If you already have cabinets built in your garage, you can store smaller tools here too. Keep your drawers and cabinets lined with anti-rust liners to protect your tools and cabinets from any rust.

2. Hang larger tools like weed wackers on hooks and peg boards.

Hanging tools on the walls helps you not only protect your garage flooring, but also conserve floor space. The best way to store power tools like your weed wacker is to hang them up. You’ll keep them safely out of the way and they won’t collect any dust or dirt from the floor.

3. Store gas in containers safely on the floor.

You need to be very careful to keep gas in a specific gas canister and at least 50 feet away from any ignition sources in your garage, like water heaters and furnaces. Instead of placing gas canisters directly on the concrete, put it on a piece of plywood to prevent damage from spilling. Make sure to keep gas canisters out of direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

4. Keep lawn mowers inside and easy to access.

If you mow your lawn yourself, this will most likely be your most frequently used tool. Make sure it’s easy to reach and to move in and out of the garage. While it may be tempting to store your lawn mower vertically, check the owner’s manual first. Many mowers can’t be stored vertically due to the risk of fuel and oil dripping into the engine. We recommend storing it on a low ramped shelf or a protective pad to keep it off of the concrete.

5. Use large metal trash cans or plastic boxes for fertilizer.

It’s important to keep fertilizer away from any ignition sources, any water sources, and it’s also nice if you can contain the smell. We recommend storing fertilizer in sealable metal or plastic containers. This will protect the fertilizer from the elements and it will also protect your garage floors from fertilizer spilling from torn-open bags.


As custom garage specialists, we know how important it is to keep your garage in tip-top condition. Contact us if we can help you with any custom storage solutions for your summer power tools.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Garage Floor: Do’s and Dont’s

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to use their garage as extra storage space for items that can’t fit in the house, and if not cleaned regularly, grime, grease, oils, and clutter can quickly build-up, leaving the garage floor in poor condition. Eliminating dirt and unwanted stains prevents your garage floor from wearing out and keeps it safe for you and your loved ones.

This piece highlights some great garage floor spring cleaning tips you can consider:

What Are The Do’s and Don’ts?

Do Use 8:1 Ratio Of Water And Clear Ammonia

One of the most effective ways of cleaning your garage floors is using eight parts of water and one part of ammonia. Apply the solution to the floor and use a soft towel for effective drying. After cleaning, remember to close all entryways, doors, and windows to prevent outside elements from entering the garage after a good clean.

Do Test The Cleaning Solution

You may have confirmed that your cleaning solution is non-abrasive and gentle, but you need to test it before using it. Therefore, try it on a small floor area first. Further, the solution shouldn’t leave a film on the coating surface while cleaning. Also, make sure the floor is wet to prevent dirt from sticking on the floor.

Don’t Use Bleaches

You may decide to use bleaches for stubborn stains, but it will end up doing more harm than good to your floor. If you use them for long periods, they may end up disintegrating the garage floor. Even worse, bleach products have intense amounts of chemical fumes, which might be overwhelming and cause health issues.

Don’t Use Industrial Chemicals

Most industrial chemicals contain highly acidic substances. Continuous usage of these substances weakens and damages your floor. Citrus and vinegar cleaners also fall under this category since they make the garage floors lose the glossy shine. You also need to avoid all-purpose cleaners and sweeping compounds with acidic or alkali ingredients, inorganic, abrasive sands, water-soluble, or crystallized salts.

Still, if you use cleaners with soap, there is a possibility of leaving some streak marks on the floor. It increases the likelihood of having a slippery floor when wet.

Don’t Mix Cleaners

Mixing some cleaners may result in a product that can weaken your floor without your knowledge. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using each product.

Don’t Use Sealers Or Surface Waxes

Using such products can make your floor too slippery for you and your family members.

Key Takeaway

Your garage floor is durable, but inadequate maintenance, improper cleaning, and using too harsh chemicals make it easily destructible. Not only will you have to deal with damages, but accidents are also bound to happen. Luckily, using the right cleaners such as a mixture of water and ammonia can eliminate these problems. For more details on custom garages, custom floors and floor coatings, please contact Carolina Custom Garages.

10 Things on Your Garage’s Christmas Wish List

Garages were once solely used for automobile storage, but have since evolved into multi-functional nooks for work and play. However, many are in need of TLC, and have become mere dumping sites for accessories, furniture, garden supplies, and equipment. With the Christmas season upon us, you may be thinking of gifting your garage with a make-over, but are not sure where to begin. That being said, if your garage had a Christmas wish list, it would probably look like this.

1. Operation Clean-Up

Decluttering should be first on your clean-up list. Categorize everything you find as either trash, donate, or keep. If you’re not sure which items to keep, use criteria such as whether the items are older than a year, or whether it’s in working order. Always keep tools that cannot be rented.

You could also rent a dumpster for the trashed items and donate the rest. Or sell the items you’re keeping via classified ads or via a garage sale. Be sure to remove oil spills and mold, and clean the garage walls with a sponge mop and dry with a microfiber one. Don’t forget to mop the floors and dry it with a floor fan too.

2. Paint

If your drywall is unpainted or new, apply some PVA drywall primer, as this seals your wall’s surface. Priming is not necessary if your garage walls are already covered with latex paint. If your walls are painted with oil-based paint, you should first sand the walls, then use a bonding primer before painting.

3. Organization for Maximize Storage

Choose our wall storage systems to organize your tools and equipment. We have a waterproof store-wall, comprising customizable modular panels that can be easily attached to concrete, metal, or drywall. Or select our activity organizers which include grids, baskets, and hooks. We also offer rust-proof platform shelving for overhead garage storage.

4. Customized Garage Cabinets

Add an air of sophistication to your garage with our durable, double-stacked cabinets. It’s designed with thermal-fused melamine, which helps counter those nasty stains and spills. It also has butcher block countertops, which makes for sturdy surfaces, and has ample hanging space, shelves, and drawer trays for storage.

5. A Workbench

A workbench is a staple for a garage that doubles up as a workstation. Keep it simple by installing a plain table with an attached machinist vice attached to the top. You could also build it to accommodate several work-holding mechanisms.

6. New Flooring

Applying an easy-to-clean finish to your garage floor can boost your home’s value, plus it adds aesthetic appeal. Our quality epoxy floor coatings, adds character and value, as it’s highly durable and can handle spills. These coatings are also anti-peel and UV-resistant, so they won’t become dull with time. They also come in a vast array of eye-catching tones.

7. Adequate Insulation

Create a warmer space this Christmas to finish your projects with proper insulation. When insulating, remove your drywall first, fill any cracks, install fibreglass insulation, and then cover with drywall. Don’t forget to insulate your garage door and ceiling too.

8. A Garage Door Upgrade

Bolster curb appeal and your garage interior with a simple garage door upgrade. Give your garage door some love with a coat of fresh paint on the inside and outside. You could also simplify your daily activities with a WIFI-enabled door opener, that can be operated via your smartphone. Or add some aesthetically appealing windows to your garage door to let in more natural light.

9. A Car Lift

If you’re always working on your automobiles and getting dirty, installing a car lift will keep you off the floor. It’s also great if you need parking space for another vehicle, motorbike, or speed boat. Lifts are perfect for winter, as you won’t need to remove ice or snow due to outside parking. 

10. Adequate Lighting

Installing enough motion-sensitive lights can help brighten your garage and boost your home’s value, as it makes your garage safer. Try installing lights with LED bulbs for each automobile space.


The Best Fall Garage Maintenance Practices

Fall is here, which means it’s time to start preventative maintenance around the house before winter settles in. No one wants to get caught out doing repairs during the height of winter. By taking care of your fall garage maintenance now, you’ll be all set once the temperatures dip, and potentially avoid major costs down the line.

Get Out the Grease

Even if you don’t live in a severely cold climate, it’s a good idea to lubricate any hinges, springs, and other electric door parts during autumn. Once the mercury drops, metal contracts which means the parts have to work harder to do their job. This can lead to damage over time. Greasing up metal parts also prevents squeaking and grinding – after all, no one likes a noisy garage door!

It’s Time for a Deep Clean

Days may be getting shorter, but while the weather’s still pleasant, you’ll want to make the most of it and give your garage a thorough clean. Sweep the floors, break out the soap, and give your garage floor a good wash. And don’t forget to clean your gutters! Doing so can save you a load of hassle down the line.

It’s also a good time to purge your garage of things you don’t need. Get rid of potential safety hazards. Donate old clothes (wash them first!), toys, kitchen appliances – anything you haven’t used and no longer need. Items that can’t be donated, recycled or sent off to the garbage heap. 

Make Repairs

Now that you’ve cleaned up, you can check for any repairs you might need around your garage. Seal up holes, fill in cracks, and kill off any lurking mold or mildew. Be sure to check the seals on your garage door and caulk any windows to protect your garage from cold, wet weather. Autumn is also a good time to check your garage insulation. Fixing up any poor insulation is a must, particularly if you live in an area that experiences cold winters. This will help keep the contents of your garage safe while reducing drafts, lowering your heating bill, and keeping critters out. 

Get Organized

Once you’ve sorted out what to get rid of, you can start organizing. Since you’re getting your home winter-ready, stash your spring and summer tools until next year, and make your fall and winter gear easily accessible. Dedicate specific areas for supplies, tools, and other stored items, so you readily know where everything is. You’ll be grateful you did down the line. Not only will you not have to rummage through the contents of your garage trying to find things, but you’ll also create more space, which is a real boon when you’ll be parking your car in your garage over winter.

At Carolina Custom Garages, we offer garage flooring as well as state-of-the-art cabinets, wall storage, and more, to help you keep your garage beautifully organized and looking its best.

Have questions? Contact us today to learn how we can help you!