Garage Organization: 6 Things Your Garage Wants for Christmas

Between vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, outdoor toys, tools, and storage, your garage works hard all year. With Christmas time coming up fast, it’s time to treat it to an upgrade. But what should you choose? We have a few great ideas in mind!

1. Epoxy Garage Flooring

Imagine your garage with a shiny, smooth, and durable floor that’s easy to clean. Epoxy garage flooring not only transforms the look of your space but also provides protection against spills, stains, and cracks. This gift will not only make your garage look sleek but also help it withstand the test of time. Plus, it’s a gift that keeps on giving since it requires minimal maintenance.

2. Custom Garage Cabinets

Does your garage resemble a chaotic storage unit more than a functional space? Garage cabinets are the answer to that problem. Custom cabinets come in all shapes and sizes to create the perfect storage solution for tools, sporting equipment, gardening supplies, and more. This gift to your garage will ensure that everything has its place—and the garage stays tidy all year long.

3. LED Lighting

Let there be light in your garage! With LEDs, you can swap out the bulbs in your existing fixtures, or upgrade those fixtures with new ones. Either way, look for LED bulbs and light fixtures made for garages as these tend to be ultra bright so that you can light up your workspace while cutting energy costs.

4. The StoreWall System

This is the unsung hero of garage organization. Carolina Custom Garage is an authorized dealer of StoreWall, which is an innovative slatwall system that lets you hang a variety of hooks, baskets, and other organization solutions. Use hooks and hangers to organize everything from smaller tools like hammers and screwdrivers to larger items like extension cords, shovels, rakes and more. StoreWall’s baskets and shelves give you the perfect spot for all the odds and ends that you can’t hang up. StoreWall is waterproof and stain-resistant, too, so it will keep on looking great even in busy garages where the occasional spill or mess is likely to happen.

The best part? StoreWall puts all of your most-used tools and equipment within easy reach, plus you can rearrange hooks, hangers, and more as your needs change, making it a versatile addition to your garage.

5. Wall-Mounted Tool Racks

Wall-mounted tool racks come in various shapes and sizes, designed to accommodate a variety of items, from long-handled brooms to tiny screwdrivers. These racks are the ideal gift for garages that are begging you to free up valuable floor space while keeping tools neatly organized.

6. Overhead Storage Systems

If your garage has a high ceiling or lots of wasted space above the garage door’s rails, consider getting it an overhead storage system for Christmas. These systems consist of sturdy racks or platforms that hang from your garage ceiling, safely stashing away items you don’t need to access daily—like the seasonal decorations once you’re done with them for the year. Overhead storage systems take full advantage of your vertical space—and that means you’ll be able to empty out a closet elsewhere in your home or safely stow away those boxes that have been taking up space on the garage floor.

This Christmas, don’t forget to show your garage some love. Whether you choose to revamp the flooring, add storage, or improve its functionality, these gifts will transform your garage into a more organized, efficient, and inviting space. If you’d like to learn more about any of these upgrades—or other things you can do to treat your garage to something nice for Christmas—contact us for a free estimate. Your garage will thank you!


Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

An epoxy garage floor is an investment project that can increase your garage’s visual appeal and durability and help keep the space cleaner, among other benefits. It’s a home project that can be completed relatively quickly, with long-lasting advantages. If you’re considering having an epoxy garage floor coating applied to your garage, read on to learn more about the benefits of epoxy garage flooring.

Long-lasting investment

While every home improvement project comes with a cost, investing in epoxy garage flooring is a long-term, cost-effective home upgrade. Because of its durability, epoxy floors are a long-lasting solution that will last many years and are low maintenance. Its longevity and little required maintenance make epoxy flooring an excellent home investment.

Appealing aesthetic

Epoxy garage flooring is an attractive garage flooring option. Epoxy flooring is smooth and shiny and comes in custom color options. Under the epoxy’s shiny top coat are decorative flakes for added visual interest. These color flakes are available in infinite color combinations, so you can design a garage floor that coordinates with your home’s existing exterior color palette. With epoxy garage flooring, you can welcome guests through your garage without worrying about them walking on a chipped, oil-stained concrete floor and feel confident about your garage’s appearance.

Easy to clean

Epoxy garage floors are known for being easy to clean. Simply mopping or hosing down the floor will remove all the outside debris. Epoxy is poured, so there are no seams, grout lines, or other breaks in the surface. This means that dirt and debris can’t accumulate and become difficult to clean. Non-porous epoxy coatings will resist dirt, road salt, food, gas, and oil and won’t saturate or stain the coating.

Keeps home interiors clean

A garage with epoxy flooring does a better job keeping the dirt, dust, and debris outside the home. Unlike concrete garage floors, epoxy floors are sealed, so any concrete dust resulting from normal wear and tear won’t be brought into the house.

Resists water damage

Many flooring surfaces can’t withstand water damage resulting from flooding, extensive rainfall, or spills. Epoxy flooring can hold up against water by resisting warping and water stains.

Improved garage safety

Epoxy garage floors can have an anti-slip coating, so there’s less risk of slipping or developing cracks or bumps that can cause tripping. A high-quality epoxy garage floor coating will provide excellent slip resistance even when the surface is wet.

Durable surface

Epoxy flooring will resist chips, stains, chips, and damage from extreme temperatures. A high-quality epoxy will withstand oil spills or any potential equipment damage. Applying a polyaspartic topcoat will offer high resistance to impact, abrasion, and extreme temperature.

Contact a professional garage remodeling company to invest in your new epoxy garage flooring by contacting the experts at Carolina Custom Garages. We provide garage remodeling services in the greater Charlotte and Ralegh areas of North Carolina. We offer a lifetime warranty on your epoxy garage flooring and pride ourselves on our quality and customer service. Contact us today for a free estimate.


The Best Flooring Solution for Your Garage Function

One of the great things about a garage is that you can use it for so many things. Sure, you can park your car there, but many people use at least part of their garage for other activities, as well. Depending on how you decide to use the space, you may need to make a few changes first. That starts from the ground up, with the right flooring solution for your garage function.

Here’s what to consider based on a few of the most common, non-vehicle ways you might use your garage.

Using Your Garage as a Home Gym

A garage is a great space for a home gym. It’s out of the way of other activities in your home and not taking up a bedroom or other needed space. Before moving all your workout equipment into the garage, consider an epoxy garage floor. Why? There are plenty of reasons, but the main value points for your gym are durability and slip resistance. With high impact resistance, your floor will also be safe from dropped weights that could chip or damage other flooring material.

Creating a Play Space for Your Kids

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for your kids to play, or you’re using that space for other activities, the garage can be a great play space. An epoxy garage floor offers easy clean-up after playing since you can just spray it clean with a hose and then mop up the water. Since it’s non-porous, you don’t have to worry about dirt and grime getting into it, and that goes a long way toward keeping your kids healthy and safe.

Turning Your Garage Into a Home Office

Need a home office? A garage is a great space to use for that. The right epoxy floor coating helps you move your chair around easily, create a space that feels cozy and clean, and work with options that are friendly to the environment, all at the same time. The floor also cures in 24 hours, so you can return to using your office quickly.

Converting the Space Into a Living Area

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space in the main part of your house. That’s especially true if you’re growing your family or want to expand your work or hobby options. Converting your garage into a living area can add more usable space to your house. Choosing durable epoxy garage floors will help you get the color and style you want in non-slip flooring that looks and feels luxurious enough to be used in a living space.

The Bottom Line on Garage Flooring

No matter how you decide to use your garage, an epoxy garage floor coating is the right flooring solution. Not only is it durable and long-lasting, but it also provides you with a beautiful surface and hundreds of color options. You can make it stand out from the rest of your home or blend in with the aesthetic you already have, and enjoy the quality and peace of mind it offers for the long term, as well.



Post Garage Floor Installation Expectations

You’ve probably been looking forward to your new garage floor installation for a while now, and the time is finally here. But have you thought about what comes afterward?

In the post-installation phase, you’ll want to ensure you understand how to treat your new floor and care for it so it looks its best and lasts for a long time.

While these kinds of floors are very durable, proper care goes a long way. That’s especially true in the first few days and weeks after installation. Here’s what you need to know.

How Long Will It Be Until You Can Use Your Garage Again?

Using your garage is important, but you also want to protect it properly. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to use your garage again.

The actual work of preparing and coating the floor takes two days, with one day to make repairs and preparations and a second day to install the coating itself.

After that’s done, and depending on the weather conditions, you’ll be able to get back to putting your vehicle in the garage within 24 to 36 hours.

While some companies advertise that they can do the entire thing in a day, we don’t advise that. It can rush the job and reduce the effectiveness of the coating, which doesn’t have time to cure properly.

How Long Does the Smell of the New Floor Linger?

The smell of the new coating won’t last long and will be minimal in strength. Since the coating is free of any kind of solvents, there’s nothing in the odor that will cause a health risk.

The coating and any light smell from it is completely safe for pets, people, and the environment. You shouldn’t notice any smell after a few days or weeks.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain and Care for Your Garage Floor?

The maintenance and care of your garage floor is what will keep it looking great and working well for as long as possible. The best way to clean your new garage floor is with a solution of eight parts water to one part ammonia.

You can also use a soft towel for drying the floor after you’re done. After cleaning, close the doors and windows to keep dirt and debris from getting in.

Before you start cleaning, though, make sure you test the solution you mixed or one you purchased. Test it out on a small patch of floor and ensure that it doesn’t cause damage or leave a residue.
You definitely don’t want to use any kind of cleaner that’s abrasive or will leave scratches, and you also want to avoid using bleach. That includes cleaners that come with bleach in them, even if they’re diluted.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Your new garage floor is strong and durable, but it still needs good care. When you’re careful with the cleaners you use and how you maintain your floor, it’ll look its best and hold up well for a very long time.