5 Ways to Prepare Your Garage for Your Kid’s Fall Sports Equipment

When you’re a busy mom, you know getting your kids ready for fall sports can be challenging. One of the ways to make it easier is to prepare your garage for their equipment.
Whether you have just one child playing one sport or several kids into multiple sports, there are some great options for organization. Here are five ways to help prepare your garage space and stay organized and ready for practices and game days.

1. Choose the Right Organizational System

The right system is crucial in preparing your garage for your kids’ fall sports. If you don’t have the kinds of organizational items to hold unique shapes, you can find yourself trying to put round items into square holes, stacking hockey sticks, or chasing runaway footballs around the garage floor.

Before purchasing any organizational system, take stock of what you really need to store. Then, you’ll be much better prepared when you start prepping the garage and looking for solutions.

2. Select Shelving That Fits Your Needs

Shelves come in a wide variety of sizes. By measuring the items you want to store on open shelving, you can be sure the height, depth, and width of your new shelves will work for the sports equipment your kids have.

There’s nothing worse than putting up beautiful new shelves and then finding that they’re just a little too small to hold the items they were installed for. Fortunately, that’s something you can avoid.

3. Consider Wall Racks for More Floor Space

Having floor space matters, especially if you have a smaller garage or use part of it for something else, such as a workout room or a shop. Wall racks can keep items off the floor, including balls and other small sports equipment.

With wall racks, you can choose the depth that meets your needs and put everything from basketballs and footballs to whiffle and golf balls in them. These kinds of racks are a great use of space all year long.

4. Add Cabinets for Smaller Items

Small items and items that might need a little more protection can also be stored in cabinets. That way, they aren’t exposed to as much dust and dirt or any direct sunlight.

Even though your kids will be using a lot of their sports equipment outdoors or in harsh conditions, you still want to protect it as much as possible when it’s not in use. That will help it last longer.

5. Overhead Storage is a Great Space-Saver

Just like wall racks, overhead storage is a great way to keep items off the floor and give your garage the look and feel of more space. You can store larger items like baseball bats and hockey sticks in overhead racks or use overhead bins for smaller items if you don’t have room for wall storage or cabinets.

Quality Storage is Designed to Meet Your Needs

The bottom line of preparing your garage for fall sports is to make sure you understand what you need to store and the available space you have. Then, you can work with a company that offers professional storage solutions to get the great-looking and efficient garage storage you’re looking for.

4 Benefits of Custom Garage Organization

Your garage is much more than just a space to park your car. With the right organization, storage, and design, you can use it for all kinds of other activities. Whether you have a lot of tools you need to access, you need to store exercise or sports equipment, or you really want to see your yard work items all in one place so you can find them quickly, custom garage organization options can be the right choice. Here are four big benefits of choosing a custom solution.

1. You Get a Total Organization Solution for Your Garage

Custom storage means you get the organization solution you want instead of being stuck with what you can find and put together based on standard options. There are some nice storage choices available, but there’s nothing like getting a custom solution that works for everything you need without wasted space or missing options you’d really like.

2. The Right Wall Storage Makes Everything Easier

Wall storage is a big part of many custom garage organization solutions. Why? Because there’s often a lot of wall space in a garage. Most of the time, that space isn’t being used when it could solve clutter and crowding problems really easily. Custom organization solutions that are focused on wall storage give you the ability to get things off the floor, in bins, on hooks, or in other spaces with a focus on functionality and a great look.

3. There are Options Based on Specific Activities

If you have a particular hobby or you use certain tools a lot, you may want a very specific type of storage solution. Custom options are the way to go, so you can make sure your golf clubs are protected, your expensive saw is put away correctly, or the hobby items you need stored are protected from moisture or dust.

There’s no reason to settle for something that just barely works simply because you can grab that option off the shelf at your local store. Instead, taking the time to get a custom solution means you can have what you want, need, and like for the long term. It’s well worth it to protect the items that matter to you.

4. Quality Storage is Secure, Rugged, and Versatile

When you choose a custom garage organization solution, you get storage that’s going to hold up to use. Bins for basketballs, hooks for lawn rakes, hangers for bicycles, and many more options are available. The quality of these items means they’ll last and stay looking great for years, and you can feel confident using them for their intended purposes.

Don’t settle for a garage storage option that’s not really a solution, with bins stacked in the corner and tools scattered on a bench. Custom storage solutions are available for your garage, and they give you more of what you’re looking for to create a comfortable, usable space where you can find what you need and get moving.