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3 Reasons Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Garage Floors

If you have been thinking about upgrading your garage floors but it was low on your list of priorities over the busy summer, think of it as a lucky break. So lucky, in fact, that you’re now in the perfect season to get your garage makeover before the damaging cold and winter sit in.

Homeowners in Charlotte and Raleigh NC looking to upgrade their garage floors really can’t find a better time for garage remodeling than the fall, when temperatures are milder. Here are three reasons why you’ve benefited by waiting if you’re just now getting around to giving your garage a makeover.

1. Contractors are easier to find and schedule

Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for contractors. This means that the best contractors in the area are likely booked for months in advance, and can charge premium prices due to the demand. Once fall hits, the work starts slowing down and moves into what most consider their off-season, especially if their work involves a lot of outdoor projects.

Starting your garage remodel project in the fall means that you can find the best contractors at the lowest prices. You’re also more likely to get the work scheduled and completed faster by avoiding the busy summer months when there are material shipping delays due to high demand. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

2. More options for coatings

A great garage facelift starts with the floors but some types of coatings can only be applied and dried under moderate temperatures. For example, many homeowners in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC prefer epoxy, due to its lower cost and easy maintenance. This particular coating requires a preferred temperature of 50-55° F (10-13° C) to set and dry correctly, making it perfect for the more moderate temperatures in the fall, especially in colder climates.

3. Start the protection before winter

Winter is hard on garage floors, regardless of where you live. Yet winter is the time of year when you really need a garage to avoid frozen locks and de-icing your windshield every morning before work. If your garage floors are damaged or uncoated, however, winter can definitely make it worse.

This is due to moisture entering through the cracks that are already there and then freezing. When your garage floor repetitively freezes and thaws as winter temperatures fluctuate, it can create stress points that only get worse as winter progresses. This ends up increasing your garage remodeling costs by the time spring rolls around.

The road salt also gathers on your tires and beneath your car from winter driving. Uncoated garage floors will then stain white as the salt recrystallizes and damages your floor further. However, with a polyaspartic floor coating, your garage floor will have excellent abrasion resistance and a textured surface that stays beautiful as the seasons change.

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The best time to give your garage a much-needed makeover is now. Contact us today by email or by phone for a free estimate and let us show you how beautiful and protected your garage floor can be. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and focus on providing professional services at a reasonable price to keep our customers satisfied.