How Much Does it Cost to Remodel My Garage?

garage remodel

Do you have a garage that isn’t being used to its full potential? Maybe it’s a cluttered mess, or a cold empty space that seemingly serves no purpose. Chances are that if you’ve come to these realizations, you’ve also thought, “how much would it cost to remodel my garage?”.

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And the Winner is…

Donna Gutterman of Raleigh, NC!

After a very intense bag shaking by our son Max, Donna’s card was drawn, winning her a $300 Amazon gift card from Carolina Custom Garages.

We’d like to send out a big Thank you to all of our customers that participated by sending in garage photos and getting involved in social media. We were so pleased with the response that we’ve decided to do this contest on a regular basis, so stay tuned for more chances to win, and show off your garage at the same time.

Congrats Donna!

Garage Photo Contest Winner

Max shows off the winning card for the Carolina Custom Garages $300 Amazon Gift Card drawing.

5 Ways to Convert your Garage (that you probably never thought of)

Garages aren’t just for cars. In fact, many families choose to utilize their garage as an extension of the home, turning it into a useable and livable space. Check out these five examples of ways that garages have been renovated into unbelievable new spaces.

1. A Lounge Area

This garage was turned into a lounge area with comfortable seating and a fireplace. And there was even room left over for storage!

2. A Family play area

Swings, monkey bars and skylights are a child’s dream in this family-friendly garage.

3. A Mid-Century Home Office

Bring your A-list clients home with this executive style garage-turned home office.

4. A Home Gym

Forget the gym membership. This renovated garage leaves no room for excuses for not getting in shape.

5. A Retro Diner

Step back in time with this custom designed garage that was renovated to resemble a 50’s style diner. They even customized the golf cart into a vintage car!

If you were given a blank check, what would you do with your garage? Would you organize it with sleek storage cabinets, custom epoxy floor colors and room for your cars, or go for something wild and leave the cars in the driveway?

5 Ways to Get your Garage “Back-To-School” Ready

I always begin the school year with the best intentions.  This year I’ll be organized.  I’ll have school lunches made a week in advance.  I’ll have homework stations, stocked to the gills with paper & crayons.  I’ll have a binder for each child, color-coordinated with all of their class info.  I scour Pinterest for ideas and imagine how perfect it will be.   I’ll be the envy of Mom’s everywhere.

I’ll spare you the details about what really happens, but let’s just say it’s never quite as I planned it.  There are, however, a few things I’ve picked up over the past 15 years of parenting that have been invaluable and are easy enough that I’ve been able to stick to them.  And, since we are a garage organization company, it won’t come as a surprise that this is where I focus my efforts.

    1. garage drop zone

      Grab-and-Go items are always right where you need them with a garage drop zone.

      Create a Drop-Zone for Bookbags & Shoes
      “Mom!  I can’t find my other shoe!”  Sound familiar?  And as luck would have it, it usually happens on a day when I have an urgent meeting at work and the bus decided to come 3 minutes early for the first time EVER.  Combat the lost shoe saga with a dedicated place to drop everything before you walk in the door. This includes book bags, cell phones and shoes.

    2. Accessorize with Wall Systems

      Adjustable wall storage systems change with your needs.

      The beauty of wall systems (sometimes referred to as storeWALL, slat wall or grid wall) is that it can change with you.  As seasons change, our “easily accessible” storage needs change.  In the summer, I want to be able to grab the Pool Bag, sunscreen, towels and bug spray.  In the winter, I need hooks for coats and shelves for boots.

    3. Utilize overhead storage for seasonal clothing
      Unless you are blessed with a gracious amount of attic storage, garage overhead storage can be a great solution for storing seasonal items like clothing & sports gear.  Be sure to label your boxes & bins so that they are easy to identify when it’s time to get them down.  I also recommend designating certain areas for similar storage (i.e.all clothing goes on the right side, Christmas decorations on the left)
    4. Create a Sports-Gear Station

      garage sports storage

      Gridwall is a great way to keep your sports gear organized.

      This is such a crucial part of our garage storage requirement.  With three active boys, the constant rotation of sports gear is like a second job around here.  We’ve made it easier by organizing our sports items with grid wall.

    5. Stock the garage fridge & freezer
      The freezer is a parents best friend when it comes to school lunches and after-school snacks.  Keep a steady supply of frozen juice boxes, gatorades, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (yes, you can freeze them!), applesauce, and more.  Throw them in a lunch box the night before and you’ve got the beginning of a healthy lunch.  As an added bonus, my three boys can’t guzzle down the entire 24-pack of Gatorade if they are frozen.  🙂

How do you get ready for back-to-school?