i have questions

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i have questions

Decisions, decisions.  It seems like my life is riddled with things I need to decide on.  Not all of them are life-altering, but I spend most of my days hovering under an umbrella of things like:

What should I cook for dinner? (Anything cheesy, carb-loaded & family-friendly)
Does this make me look fat? (don’t answer that)
Wait, what should I cook for dinner? (groan … grilled chicken & veggies)
Should I sign the kids up for another sports clinic?
Where do I put my focus today?

Some of these loom larger and require more brain-power than others:

Should we buy a new house? Move the kids to another school?
How much money do we need to save for retirement?
Am I a good parent?

Who do you turn to when it matters? For me it’s parents, spouse, pediatrician, realtor… an expert in the field.

For an upcoming series of posts I’ll be answering some of the most important questions that you have about renovating and organizing your garage, beginning with epoxy garage floor coating.   Things like:

  1. How much does it cost to get my garage floor coated?
  2. What do I do with all of my stuff while the garage project is being completed?
  3. How do I know who to hire?
  4. Should I pay for an estimate?
  5. What is the difference between the different epoxy floor companies? Some say they can complete the job in one day.
  6. Can I epoxy my basement? My patio? My kitchen?
  7. I’m pretty handy.  Can I paint my garage floor with a DIY Kit?
  8. My garage floor looks really bad, can you fix it?

Maybe you are a researcher, like me, and find yourself spending hours scouring the web for the smallest of things, perhaps the best all-natural dish soap.  Or perhaps you are more like my husband and just want a single straight answer, don’t bother him with the details. Whatever your preference,  we’ll provide the info you need.

Do you have a specific question you’d like to have answered?  Let us know!

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